Surgery for Spondylolisthesis

Surgery for Spondylolisthesis is an extremely severe and persistent idea for highly slipped vertebral condition. This measure is taken when the slippage of the vertebrae reaches to an advanced level and none of the non-operative treatments show positive change results to the condition of the disease. In such case doctors go for the surgical approach and give out a treatment of the disease.

Surgery for spondylolisthesis can be in two ways either Spinal Fusion or Bracing. Spinal Fusion is a technique in which those vertebrae of the spine which are displaced from their original positions are brought and fused back to their actual positions to hold the spine straight and framed absolutely.

The other option that may be performed to hold the vertebral column straight in frame is installing a Spine-Brace. Bracing of a spine is a method of inserting a brace over the spine that holds the spine at its position and prevents further or more slippage in the vertebral column of the vertebrae.

Before these surgeries have to be performed, there are several precautionary steps that are to be taken by the doctor as well as the patient. The patient is asked to have a prescribed diet before the operation so that the operation is not interrupted by any metabolic activity of the patient’s body. The doctors are supposed to use instruments with pure sterilization and the most careful part of the operation is the anesthesia providing step. For this purpose, an anesthetist is there to give a nap to the patient. A nurse is also present there to console the patient and answer to every of his worry and nervousness. Moreover he/she also assist the doctor in getting the instruments throughout the operation.

Though a surgery is the most invasive option for the cure of spondylolisthesis but is rarely chosen and had also been a positive idea in some of the cases. However this option has resulted in death or severe and worse outcomes of the condition of the patient. Therefore surgery is a great risk to be taken anyhow for the patient.

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