Spondylolisthesis Exercises

Healthy living and good thinking are the two important keys to good health. By bringing a slight change in our life styles, we can avoid big troubles. Our body becomes potent enough to fight back many diseases, illnesses and ailments if we nourish it with proper food and keep it fit with appropriate exercising. With right exercise, we boost our stamina, keep the body in shape and push the illnesses at the bay. Spondylothithesis is one of the many ailments that can be taken care of via exercise also. If you are exercising regularly, you are less likely to fell a prey to this health problem. Even if you are diagnosed with the issue, you can keep it just under control by following apt exercising routine.
Here are mentioned few very effective exercises that help you to come out of this troublesome situation.

Yoga is an ancient way of exercising. Originated in the pious land of India millions of years ago, Yoga still fascinate the people all round the world with its amazing eternal health benefits. Yoga enhances the flexibility of the overall body and at the same time makes the body strong.

As spondylolisthesis results in stiffness of the lower back, Yoga is a beautiful way of resolving this health condition. While performing the Yoga postures, the person is require to regulate his breathing rhythm as well. The whole combination of stretching, deep breathing and holding the posture for a while facilitates the good flow of blood all through the body. And hence each and every organ is able to receive the optimum amount of nutrients. 

Sit Ups
Besides Yoga, the sit ups also help the person in achieving a problem free strong back. To perform this exercise, the person is required to rest his feet and lower legs on the chair while laying the rest of the body on the hard floor. Make your legs comfortable and then lift your torso up to 30 degree angle. Repeat the exercise for five times initially. Once you are comfortable with the sit ups you can increase the number of sit ups and the number of sets as well.

The sit ups work particularly on your lower back while putting the strain on your abdominal. Hence with these advantageous sit ups you can not only have a potent flexible spine but also can enjoy trimmed tummy!

Stretching exercises are beneficial to all. When you stretch your body beyond its limits the muscles open up and tend to become more elastic. In the case of Spondylolisthesis particularly the back becomes really still. The stretching exercises hence release the tension from the back and help the person to get relief from the problem. Stretching with help of Pilates is a popular and trusted way of exercising.

Whatever exercise you choose upon, it is very necessary that you should take it under the professional supervision and only after your doctor’s supervision. And, which ever routine you adopt, be religious to it. Follow it regularly and stay hale and hearty.

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