Back Stretches

A sedentary lifestyle contributes as much in developing back pain as over doing it during your normal exercise routine or while playing sports. Back pain can occur due to several reasons; most commonly it is caused by a minor sports injury resulting in a sprain or strain caused to the muscles in the back, bad posture, being overweight, poor bending or lifting techniques or also from lack of activity that weakens the muscles in the back and might make them unusable. Sometimes determining the real cause of a back pain is not so simple.

Relief can be found by taking anti-inflammatory medicine or muscle relaxants, and also from performing back stretching exercises once the pain subsides in order to restore the back to its normal functioning as soon as possible.

There are several helpful back stretching exercises that are recommended by physical therapists that can either be done by you or with a professional trainer. Types of stretches for the back can range from being static also referred to as passive stretches, dynamic stretches, and myofascial self release stretches.

Static back stretches are most often used in yoga exercises where you have to hold a certain stretch for 20-60 seconds in order for it to be effective. The most common static stretch is the knees to chest stretch that can be done while lying on the floor or sitting on a chair and helps in relieving lower back pain. Dynamic stretching is performed with movement in order to provide functional flexibility because it mimics the moves that we would use in our daily life. Myofascial self release stretches use Styrofoam rollers to reduce muscle stiffness.

Other common back stretching exercises include the hips and gluteus stretches for the lower back, piriformis muscle stretch, the hamstring stretches that can be done either while standing, sitting on a chair, with a towel wrapped around your foot or with back against the wall.

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