What is Back Pain ?

Back Pain complaints are common in 80% of the total population in most of the countries of the word. There could be a number of reasons behind a minor back pain which can lead the pain to a major chronic pain.  Usually the back pain is found at the lower side of the back due to some problems caused by the nerves and muscles. However, there could be many different reasons for different cases of back pain but mostly all of them carve up the same symptoms.

Back pain is indicated when the person suffering from the condition complains about periodic pain in back or shoulders or buttocks. This may be due to lifting of heavy weights, performance of athletic activities, sitting or standing in a particular wrong posture for lengthy periods or may be due to an uncomfortable sleeping. These wrong postures and positions of the body gradually cause movement and slippage of the vertebrae of our spine due to what we suffer from the ache.

The vertebral column comprises of five regions of the vertebrae. The second lower most region known as the lumbar region bears the largest amount of the total body weight and thus becomes the reason most of the times of the back ache. The lumbar region contains 5 lower most vertebrae which are even considered to be the strongest as they intend to carry the major amount of total weight of the body. This region also has many body muscles attached to it, therefore, any damage or hurt in the muscle leads to the complete back ache as well.

The back pain can be treated by a number of ways. It is always good to eliminate the problem at the very first stage as nipping in the bud is always better. Many treatments such as body massage with hot oil, wearing medicated belts, having pain killers and many other. If the pain exceeds more and doesn’t get reduced after these treatments, then a doctor shall be consulted.

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  1. Exercises for Low Back Pain | spondylolisthesis Says:

    […] Back Pain is a common complaint amongst most of the people in different areas of the world. It makes really uncomfortable for the person suffering from back pain, to carry out different daily routine works. However, any person going through the pain would not tend to move along with it for long or even a less period of time and would for sure find out some way to get through with it. One should whether go to a doctor or see a physiotherapy expert to cope up with the problem. […]

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