Upper Back Pain between Shoulder Blades

Shoulder blades or Scapula are the blade like bone structures present on the shoulder. They may also be regarded as the shoulder bones. A pain might occur in these bones due to extreme movements of hands and arms. But can also be due to some other causes such as cardiovascular problems or even back pain problems.

Pain in back can be of three types; the Upper Back Pain, the Mid Back Pain and the Lower Back Pain. The pain differs from each other due to the positioning of the vertebrae in the spine at the back. If there is some disturbances in the thoracic vertebrae than the pain is found in the upper back region whereas when the disturbance occurs in the lumbar or sacrum vertebrae the pain is found in the lower region of back.

Pain in shoulder blades can be dangerous as it is also counted as one of the symptoms of heart attack. When heart causes disturbances then the first organ it effects on is the shoulder. Therefore whenever a person feels pain in shoulder he must go and consult a doctor to diagnose the actual cause behind the pain however sometimes the pain can be due to vertebral disturbance as well. When the thoracic vertebrae are slipped or moved towards each other, they cause extreme back pain and also affect the shoulder blades as well because they are directly fused with the upper portion of the back that is the thoracic vertebrae.

There are some shoulder exercises that can be performed to reduce the pain and give a long lasting relief to the patient. Other than this many pain killers and other medicines such as steroids are also given to the patients for minimizing the intensity of the pain but that for sure gives a timely effect to the patient.

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