Sciatic Nerve Pain

The Sciatic nerve refers to a set of symptoms usually pain resulting from something pressing against the sciatic nerve that is the largest nerve in the body causing irritation or inflammation of the nerve. The condition results in pain that radiates from the lower back all the way down to the buttocks and the lower leg. While some people experience pain, others feel a pinching, tingling, weakness or numbness in the buttock radiating down to the leg.

A sciatic nerve is most commonly caused by a herniated disc also referred to as a slipped or ruptured disc which causes compression of the spine, resulting in inflammation or the nerve being pinched. The condition usually occurs in only one side of the body and is aggravated by prolonged sitting, standing, bending, lifting and even coughing or sneezing.

Although most cases of sciatica are not serious and don’t require surgery and can be resolved within a few weeks. Sciatica pain that is chronic and sometimes severe might be caused by some other underlying disease or back disorder and requires further diagnosis in order for the treatment to be directed at the root cause of the pain.

The primary treatment of sciatic nerve pain is usually bed rest, in order to allow the inflamed nerve to subside, also taking anti-inflammation or pain relieving medicine, or anesthetic agents can be injected into the area around the spinal cord. Physical therapy such as massages and chiropractic treatment may be recommended by doctors.

Muscle strengthening exercises like swimming, yoga and pilates and stretching exercises are also useful in order to allow a patient to return to full activity and prevent future occurrences. Learning good posture, sitting upright preferably with a good back support, standing straight, bending properly and with care, lifting with your knees and not your back, and sleeping on a firm mattress can all help prevent the sciatica condition.

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  1. How to Reduce Sciatic Nerve Pain | spondylolisthesis Says:

    […] Sciatic Nerve is the longest nerve of the body. When this nerve is pinched due to any reason it produces a tingling pain and may also be increased up to a radiating inflammation which can cause numbness in the back till the lower legs. The worst thing of all is when the person doesn’t even know why he is suffering from the pain and the accurate reason behind the leg or the thigh pain. The probability is always more towards the pinching of the sciatic nerve. […]

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