Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem and so common are its remedies. Because of the inactive everyday routines, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, over stress, our body becomes prone to many heath problems. Back pain is one of them. For people going on the jobs, back pain is one of the work related ailment. The issue becomes more troublesome with the growing age. Also, for the people involved in long traveling, back pain is an every day issue.

Though the medical practitioners do not consider the problem to be chronic until and unless the pain persists for more than one month but the issues is really bothersome for the person suffering from it. There are a number of ways which can effectively give instant relief to the patient.

Many people rely completely on the home based remedies to get rid of this ailment, and to some extent these remedies are effective also. The most common therapy for the back pain relief is the oil massage. If mustard oil heated with some pieces of garlic is massaged over the effective area, the blood circulation of that area improves instantly and the patient gets instant relief.

Cold and hot pack is also one of the most common methods used by many people round the world to get rid of this irritating issue. Crushed ice wrapped tightly in a thick towel makes a cold pack. If this pack is applied on the lower back, it relaxes the muscles and hence numbs the pain.

These methods are though effective but the pain may reoccur. Though you can repeat these methodologies as many times as you want because they do not have any side effects but still if you want to get rid of the problem for a longer period, the best way is, relax your body, take adequate amount of sleep in the right posture and mildly exercise the effected area.

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