Pinched Nerve in Back

A nerve is a cord that carries messages throughout the body from one organ to the brain. These are the sensory cords which run around the body frame. The Nervous System is on the upper region of the human body right after the brain as eventually all the messages are sent to the brain so as to interpret the commands by different parts of the body. These nerves are wrapped and run around bones or even under the muscles, thus form a complicated framework in the body.

The cluster of nerves is situated on the posterior side that is the back bone as the nervous system totally relates with spinal cord. Sometimes one of these nerves is pressed and pinched under the vertebrae or other bones of the body. This might happen due to disturbed movement of bones which are certainly unusual. Spondylolisthesis is a disease in which forward or backward movement of the vertebrae takes place of the vertebral column. This movement might in some case pinch and press one of the nerves as well. This causes an inflammation and extreme pain to the person who suffers from this pinched nerve condition.

Spinal Stenosis is a condition in which nerves become narrow and reduces the speed of the flow of blood to the respective organ. This condition may also become the cause of pinching of the nerve as the thin nerve comes under the bones or other body muscles.

However, pinched nerve can be treated with massage and exercises as different movement effect the positioning of the bones and thus release the nerve. This provides relief from pain to the person and gives a relaxation in the body. A common disease known as Sciatica is also due to the pinching of the Sciatic Nerve that is known to be the largest nerve in the body. This is also treated by thigh massages and different exercises.

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