Lower Back Pain

The most common medical related problem suffered by people these days is having lower back pain. It is second to people complaining about headaches. So if you have back pain then rest assured you are not alone. That is why there has been comprehensive research conducted, and departments established in the U.S. and several other progressive and knowledge focused countries on the subject of back pain.

Back pain can be caused by many factors relating to our daily work-life, habits, age, nutrition and recreational activities. As people age, bone strength and muscle elasticity and tone tend to decrease. We need to understand how the back is structured in order to precisely locate the pain and figure out what may have caused it.  The back is an intricate structure of bones, muscles and other tissues.

Pain can occur from lifting something heavy or overstretching the back, causing a sprain, strain or spasm in one of the muscles or ligaments in the back. Low back pain may reflect nerve or muscle irritation or bone lessening; it could also be the cause of degenerative conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis, or other bone diseases. Our life style also affects our back, such as being overweight, smoking, stress, poor physical posture, excessive or inappropriate exercises performed, poor sleeping positions, and many others.

Some people develop low back pain that does not go away within a few days, this could be due to a disk injury, a “slipped” disk or herniated disk, degenerative Spondylolisthesis (from aging and general wear and tear that make it hard for your joints and ligaments to keep your spine in a proper position), spinal stenosis, scoliosis (spinal deformity), and additional causes. Furthermore, if you have a history of vascular or arterial disease, cancer, diabetes, or back pain that does not go away despite your activity level or position, you should consult your primary care doctor.

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