Exercises for Low Back Pain

Back Pain is a common complaint amongst most of the people in different areas of the world. It makes really uncomfortable for the person suffering from back pain, to carry out different daily routine works. However, any person going through the pain would not tend to move along with it for long or even a less period of time and would for sure find out some way to get through with it. One should whether go to a doctor or see a physiotherapy expert to cope up with the problem.

But there are some easy exercises with which you can easily treat the pain and reduce it up to a major margin. The best treatment for the back pain is considered as the back stretching and body stretching exercises. These exercises can give an effective relief to the patient without any hap hazard.

The things that should be kept in mind about the back pain exercises before performing them are the duration of the exercise and how often to perform the exercise. Usually the people suffering from back pain are prescribed to perform these exercises once or twice each day. The more you do the exercises the sooner you will get the relief. However, the exercising postures and exercises are varied according to the point of pain.

Different exercises are meant for pain in different areas of the back. For instance, the lower back pain may be relieved by the low back stretches, the cat stretch or the cobra stretch exercises while the sciatic nerve pain can be relieved through the pelvic tilt or the basic twist. Other things that shall be taken care of while doing the exercise are the inhalation and exhalation of the breath. The respiratory rate is an important factor of exercise. When to breathe in and when to take the breath out depends upon the performance of postures in a particular exercise.

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